Know1's Story

History of Know1

During his Army career, Ian Coombe became, by default, an internal business adviser within Army and Defence Headquarters after instigating a group decision support capability that was eventually widely used to quickly resolve difficult issues. Some of those issues Ian facilitated were Army's $10b budget, process improvements, many organisational restructures and strategic plans. Ian saw the enormous success of the capability and the huge demand for help with strategic business decisions so he left his Army career to establish Know1 in 1997. 

Success was clear and the company doubled every six months for three years. Ian then moved with his young family from Canberra to Brisbane and continued the business on a more modest level to allow him time to devote to his family. 

Know1's Clients

Know1's clients are big and small since problem-solving and decision-making is a common need for all organisations. Clients seek Know1 because of the knowledge, experience and skills in these two critical areas. Projects and assignments are brought to Know1 because of its specialities which cover the entire range of an enterprise and often at great depth - including capital raising, takeovers, technology and branding.

Clients include NRMA, Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG), Special Forces, governments (at all three levels), Canberra Business Council, Department of Defence, IBM Global Services Australia (GSA), University of Canberra, Total Logistics Management (TLM), Halliburton, Kinhill, Telstra, Australian National Training Authority, Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation (CTEC) and many business owners.

Know1 is available to selected new clients - use the contact form to discuss.

Know1's Name, Logo, Tagline

Know1 Trademarked Logo Name USP

The trademarked Know1 brands have been with us since the 1990's.

The original company name, eclectic, represented the vast majority of work being from many different areas. The trademarked name of Know1, now the formal name, was chosen to reflect the central role of knowledge in decision making and success (which is the subject of Ian's book and workshops titled "WIKID Power" that Defence authorities wanted classified beyond TOP SECRET because of the distinct advantage it gave any entity that applied it).

The logo, also trademarked, comprises of the three key design elements (circle, triangle, square) and represents:

  • tables and chairs - vital tools for group decisions
  • expanding to the four corners of the compass - growth and improvement often sought 
  • thinking outside the box - many ideas and solutions come from unexpected quarters
  • square peg in a round hole - please ignore this last thought!

The tagline was developed when one of Know1's clients slipped a disc carrying his child on his shoulders and was admitted to hospital but didn't want anyone to find out. A card was sent to him saying: Know1 knows ... Know1 cares! We have since added Know1 helps since those three phrases are often heard as complaints in organisations - when said aloud, the complaints also provide the solution - Know1! There are some challenges with the name though, such as saying you work for Know1 or when answering the phone "Know1 here"!

As a result of Ian's research into names and logos, he also conducts workshops based on over 40 criteria he has produced for success in deciding each of them.


Company Name: Know1 Pty Ltd
Incorporated: 13 October 1997
ACN: 080 370 752
ABN: 83 080 370 752

Legal entity for: WIKID POWER, Decision Quotient DQ, Ian Coombe, Know1, Ian Coombe's Books


Address: 63 Newton Street, Grange, QLD, 4051, Australia
> Office  1800 4 56691 (1800 4 KNOW1)  Australia Only
> Office  1300 4 56691 (1300 4 KNOW1)  Australia Only

> Mobile  +61 41 61 56691     (+61 41 61 KNOW1)   International