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Business advice, consulting and results.

Yes, business can be a difficult venture. There is so much to do. Running a business can feel lonely.

Who knows what to do, when it should be planned, how to do it, where to find it, who to contact, etc, etc?

Know1 knows what it's like because we've actually done it!

  • Start a business from scratch.
  • We had to learn how to build up a business through systems to succeed.
  • Hired, inspired and fired staff and consultants.
  • Learned lessons from business mistakes, setbacks and failures.
  • Worn out shoe leather raising capital to survive and thrive through hard financial times.
  • Successfully negotiated mergers, acquisitions (M&A) and floats (IPO)

Practical and effective business guidance.

... a wise person learns from their mistakes
... but a wiser person learns from other people's mistakes!

Our bookshelves are full of business theory. Learning from others is critical.

Yet real business success comes from not only learning knowledge, but also in gaining experience.

A quick guide to whether your business team will succeed is to ASK these three critical questions:

  • Attitude - results from a healthy and ethical set of valuesKnow1 knows that Attitude, Skills and Knowledge are needed for business Success
  • Skills - are gained through successful business experience
  • Knowledge - comes through learning

The attitude needed to thrive in business.

An illuminating definition of success is from Jack Zufelt (DNA of Success - Conquering Force).

  • Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) x Proper Action + Persistence

In essence, Zufelt says that if you follow your core desires (the things that attract your attention), plan how to get from where you are to where you want to be, take proper action to successfully implement your plan and to always persist regardless of hurdles and setbacks - then success is guaranteed!

Want to implement it?

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