What Know1 does

  • Know1 consults to CEO's and business owners
  • Know1 runs workshops that actually work
  • Know1 has been in your shoes - and can empathise
  • Know1 helps you with the tough decisions
  • Know1 gives you the legup and support to grow sustainably


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Know1 knows

Know1 has deep expertise in most areas of a business. Through education, experience and expertise, Know1 has built the essential requirements of the competent consultancy businesses seek.

”A wise person learns from their mistakes.
A wiser person learns from others’ mistakes.”

Sure it is important to have business qualifications and Know1 has them in spades! Yet owners and CEO’s of businesses expect more than someone with an MBA and no experience. To get real change and real solutions, practical experience is required – someone who has walked in their shoes and understands the issues intimately. Ian is an experienced founder, owner, CEO and Director of charities, Internet businesses and commercial enterprises. He has experienced failures and successes. Know1 has learnt from their mistakes and from their successes and is prepared to share that experience and knowledge to help others grow and succeed faster.

Know1 knows your issues and how to get the solutions.

Know1 cares

Passion is what drives the success of Know1 and what ensures we care about the results we deliver to ensure your desired outcomes - because we care about our work and about being the best.

Ian would have to be the dictionary definition of passion. Whatever project he tackles, he immerses himself and dives in wholeheartedly to look for the causes and to find ways to improve and resolve. Tackling the causes as well as the symptoms. Focussing on the important as well as the urgent.

Too often, people are forgotten in the process. Yet without people, there is no business. With Ian’s experience in the Army, where leaders are responsible for every aspect of their team’s lives, including survival, it is easy to understand his focus on the team and morale. People build the culture of any organisation and that culture always filters down from the top – not the other way. As the saying goes:
”A fish rots from the head.”
So, Ian works with boards CEOs and executives to ensure the passion is reflected in the culture and drives sustainable success.

Know1 cares about your business and its impact!

Know1 helps

The only way to ensure we help is through a combination of the knowledge and experience required to solve your challenges and issues as well as the passion to drive the best possible outcomes.

A soulless solution, however elegant, will die and wither on the vine just as blind passion and enthusiasm will create a lot of busy-ness but not likely to create much business.

Sadly, both situations have been seen often: passion with inadequate knowledge or experience, and knowledge but no passion. Not everyone can fix business issues. The smart leaders surround themselves with those that have greater abilities, while the insecure leaders surround themselves with YesMen (and YesWomen). Ian recalls an incident in his boss’s office once where his boss was bemoaning YesMen and sycophants; to which Ian quickly replied with a huge grin of humour “I’m not a Yes Man boss, if you say No, I’ll say No!”. Help is about being honest with feedback and solutions. Strong leaders will appreciate having Know1 on their side.

Know1 helps you solve your business and people issues!